Pros and Cons of Buying Eyeglasses Online

The convenience of online shopping is all the rage these days. Many prefer shopping online in lieu of shopping in a store for most of their needs, whether it be electronics, food, or clothing. Unfortunately, eyeglasses are no different. Online shops for eyeglasses have been springing up over recent years, offering people the convenience of purchasing their glasses online without leaving the comfort of their homes. What these sites do not tell you is that there are risks and possible negative consequences to shopping online for your vision needs.


The number one reason ordering eyeglasses online is a bad decision is accuracy, which is one of the main components to why online ordering has not been more successful. Every wearer of eyeglasses needs to understand the process of how their prescription is obtained in order to understand why purchasing them online is usually a bad idea.

Your optometrist or ophthalmologist prescribes your lenses just as a medical prescription for a doctor-recommended pill or cream. It may not be a wise choice to take that prescription and hand it over to a website that does not require licensed workers to read the prescription. The pupillary distance measurement (or PD) and the optical centers are as important as the prescription itself. These measurements are administered at the point of sale by the optometrist or ophthalmologist, not at the time of the examination. Without the correct measurements, it will negatively affect the quality of vision, resulting in an erroneous prescription.


Due to the low prices offered by online eyeglass and contact websites, there is not a warranty or guarantee for the products. Northern Vision Eye Care stands behind everything purchased from us. When issues arise with a vision problem or the adjustment of a specific product or lens, we are willing to work with the patient. The personal experience is not available via the web.


When you decide to purchase frames and lenses online, the quality of the product is not guaranteed. The saying, “too good to be true” is usually the case, and the same holds true with purchasing glasses online. The product is not usually handled or inspected by a state licensed optician. The web store is relying on mass production and cheap operating machines to operate at minimal costs. These cannot compare with the experience and quality we offer at Northern Vision Eye Care. Our opticians are licensed by the state and are held to a high standard.

Working with your Doctor

There is a considerable difference in the proportion of error between a private practice and shopping online. Lenses are complex products, and by working personally with a doctor, the optician has the best opportunity to provide you with the best prescription, contacts, and frames for your eyes.

A Personal Experience

The personal experience you receive at our business is probably the most important factor and something you will not get when shopping online. Patients appreciate the idea of working with the same optician year after year to build a relationship that will last the test of time.

Northern Vision Eye Care – Your Traverse City Eye Care Expert

When you are deciding whether or not to shop online, all of these components should be thought out carefully. The price difference can be enticing at first, but remember, it comes with a price. Whether it be quality, convenience, or a warranty, all of these are important factors when purchasing eyeglasses. Glasses should be handled with the utmost quality and care, and that is what we focus on at Northern Vision Eye Care. Contact us today to schedule your eye exam.

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