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Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body, being responsible for much of how we engage with and experience the world.

That’s why you need eye care specialists that take the greatest care when treating your eyes, whether that be LASIK surgery, routine checkups, and lens prescriptions, or managing a condition such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.

If you’re living in Gaylord and looking for an eye care center that you can rely on, give us a call today or fill out our convenient contact form to set up an appointment.

Services We Offer to Gaylord Residents

At Northern Vision Eye Care, we offer a number of advanced practices, along with routine eye care and a wide selection of frames and lenses to choose from. Read on to learn more about how we help our customers.

Advanced Practices


Northern Vision Eye Care was one of the very first eye care facilities in Northern Michigan to perform LASIK surgery. Since those early days, we have continued to provide LASIK to hundreds of Michigan residents, fulfilling their dreams of lensless, clear vision. The procedure is now more advanced, safer, and quicker than ever before.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a common, unfortunate side effect of aging. Luckily, cataract surgery is available to nearly everyone who has them, which involves replacing a clouded lens with an artificial lens. The procedure is fast, safe, and restores vision to more than 95% of individuals who have the surgery.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

The skin over our eyelids is the thinnest skin on our bodies, meaning that, as we age, it becomes loose. This looseness can cause your eyelids to droop over your eyes, which can be both a cosmetic and functional problem. However, with cosmetic surgery, you can tighten this skin which effectively turns back the clock on your eyelids.


Whether you’re dealing with forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, or lines over the bridge of your nose, Botox is an excellent, safe solution for making your face appear smoother.

Family Eye Care

Routine Vision

Finding a reliable eye care specialist is about more than just finding a qualified doctor. It’s also important to find an office that is pleasant to talk to and work with and provides affordable pricing and a wide range of options. At Northern Vision Eye Care, we have it all, and we truly love interacting with our customers.


Glaucoma, like other degenerative eye diseases, is not always obvious in those who have it. The reason this is troublesome is that the damage can not be healed or undone, meaning it’s absolutely imperative that those with glaucoma are diagnosed as early as possible. There’s no cure, but we can help slow down the process through medicated eye drops, vitamins, laser surgery, and glaucoma surgery.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is a disease that affects small blood vessels throughout the body, including in the eyes. When this happens to the intricate structure of your eyes, it can cause fluid to build up, which can permanently damage your retina and lead to eventual blindness. However, from laser surgery to anti-VEGF injections, there are plenty of treatment options that help manage the problem.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is caused when damage is done to the macula, the central part of the eye’s retina. It is often an age-related condition, but it can also be caused by traumatic blows to the head, and some individuals simply have a hereditary propensity for it. Nevertheless, there are injections and vitamins that are uniquely designed to address macular degeneration, allowing you to control the disease’s progression

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a problem experienced by many people. Its causes vary, from aging and arthritis to high blood pressure and eyelid abnormalities. Regardless of the cause, dry eye can diminish your eye health over time and needs to be addressed. Depending on the specific cause of your dry eye, we provide a number of treatment options.

Optical Boutique

Frames & Lenses

Like any good eye care clinic, we have a large selection of frames to choose from, including affordable and stylish options. We’ll also keep your lens prescription updated and match them with your lenses of choice.


One of the best things you can do to keep your eyes healthy is to regularly wear sunglasses when in the sun. UV rays can cause serious damage to your eyes, contributing to conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. That’s why we provide our customers with prescription sunglasses, which allow you to stay comfortable and safe in the sun.

Optical Vitamins

If you’re concerned about your eye health, consider taking optical vitamins. Whether you have a familial history of eye disease or you’ve already been diagnosed with a condition, we have something to help!

Experienced, Helpful Eye Doctor in Gaylord, Michigan

If you’re in Gaylord and looking for a reliable eye care center that’s also a pleasure to visit, don’t hesitate to reach out to set up an appointment with our Gaylord, MI eye doctors. Whether you’re looking for the best LASIK surgeon in the area or want regular eye care treatment, Northern Vision Eye Care is here for you.

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