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At Northern Vision Eye Care, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and procedures, allowing us to serve our patients in the best way possible.

In fact, we were the very first eye care center in northern Michigan to provide custom LASIK surgery, and we are continuously excited about how advancements in eye care allow us to help our patients achieve better sight and overall optical health.

Beyond LASIK, we offer a wide range of eye care services, along with cosmetic services such as Botox and cosmetic eyelid surgery.

If you’re in Grayling and looking for an eye care center that you can trust, get in touch with us today by calling (231) 932-9000 or by filling out our online contact form.

Services Offered to Grayling Residents

Whether you need an eye care center to receive regular checkups and keep your prescriptions filled and up to date, or you need more advanced care or surgery, Northern Vision is here to serve.

Advanced Practices


In the past couple of decades, LASIK has gone from a relatively new and exciting surgery to a highly advanced, incredibly safe procedure that has helped millions achieve the vision they desire. At Northern Vision, we were the first eye care center in northern Michigan to perform custom LASIK surgery, and we’ve continued to use the safest and most reliable methods and technologies for performing the surgery.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts, while common, are extremely difficult to deal with. Luckily, advances in eye care allow for a quick, easy surgery to replace the affected lens with an artificial lens, allowing those suffering from cataracts to restore their clear vision.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Whether your concerns are primarily functional or cosmetic, eyelid surgery works by tightening the skin around your eyelids to combat the natural drooping that can occur with age.


While Botox has become a very safe and simple procedure, some cosmetic surgeons use it to cause their patients to appear plastic. At Northern Vision, our goal is to tighten your facial skin while maintaining a natural, smooth appearance.

Family Eye Care

Routine Vision

Routine vision care is important not only for keeping your prescription up to date but also for having regular checkups to scan for more serious eye problems. With most eye conditions, early detection is absolutely vital, which is why we ensure that our patients not only have the glasses and contacts best for them but are also completely aware of their overall eye health.


Glaucoma is one of those conditions where early detection is key. However, it’s not always easy to identify with traditional methods. That’s why, at Northern Vision, we utilize GDx Laser Scanner technology, which allows us to identify glaucoma as early as possible. We also provide a range of treatment options to help patients manage the condition.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that affects blood vessels in the retina. It can cause them to leak fluid, which causes the eye to swell and eventually can lead to blindness. Nevertheless, depending on your unique circumstances, there are options for treatment, including laser surgery, injections, and vitrectomy.

Macular Degeneration

As with glaucoma, it is extremely important – although difficult – to detect macular degeneration early. It currently cannot be cured, but it can be managed, which is why a diagnosis and treatment plan is so important to begin as early as possible.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition with a number of causes and treatment options. Regardless, it can lead to some serious problems, including burning, irritation, and blurred vision. At Northern Vision, we can help you manage your dry eye condition with ease.

Optical Boutique

Frames & Lenses

Being that glasses function both as a visual aid and part of your appearance, we believe it’s important to provide all of our patients with a wide range of frame selections, along with keeping your lens prescription current.


One of the worst things for your eyes is prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which can provoke conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. That’s why, beyond regular glasses, we also provide prescription sunglasses. As with our regular frame selection, we also have a great variety of sunglasses frames to choose from.

Optical Vitamins

Studies have shown that taking certain vitamins on a regular basis can help manage and mitigate numerous eye conditions, which is why we keep a great inventory of optical vitamins on hand.

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