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Your eyes are simply irreplaceable. They allow us to see and experience everything around us – from the brilliant colors of the sunrise to the beauty of a painting and everything in between. Our sight is so important, and that’s why Northern Vision Eye Care gives your eye care their full attention. 

Northern Vision Eye Care has always been ahead of the game. We were the first eye care center in our area to offer custom LASIK procedures and we continue to offer the most advanced practices and procedures to our clients. 

Our office takes pride in caring for our clients. We have a skilled and dedicated staff that always puts the customer’s needs first. We believe in using the tools available to us to serve our customers and we use cutting edge technology and training to do just that. 

Services We Offer

At Northern Vision Eye Care Center, we offer a variety of services. These services include regular exams and treatment for everyday conditions. Additionally, we offer specialty services for more advanced needs and treatment options. 

Eye Care

Whether you simply need a routine eye exam or you need treatment for something such as cataracts or something more advanced. Even if you suffer from vision deterioration due to other health issues, we are here to help. 

Our staff is trained to help with any vision situation. 

Here are some of our product offerings for correcting routine vision needs. 

  • Frames & Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Optical Vitamins
  • Routine Eye Exams

Our goal is to provide every customer that walks through our door with a spectacular experience, no matter your needs! 

Advanced Services

In addition to routine eye care, we offer many advanced services using the latest technology and training available. Our staff is highly specialized and trained to undertake these procedures and treatment options. 


LASIK is considered an incredibly safe procedure, and our firm has been completing it for a number of years. LASIK is a solution for eye correction that could potentially help individuals toss out glasses and contacts with repaired vision. 

We’ve performed LASIK on hundreds of Michigan residents and will continue to do so with this safe and efficient procedure. 

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts typically come with age. You hear about the need for this surgery primarily in the senior age ranges, however, there are times when cataract surgery might be appropriate for the younger generations as well. 

With cataract surgery, we replace the lens of your eye. This is primarily done to resolve cloudy vision and it is an effective procedure. 

Much like LASIK, cataract surgery has become very common. It is a quick and safe procedure that does not require an intense healing process. 

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Many individuals deal with drooping eyelids, whether it’s a factor of age or a purely cosmetic effect. Drooping eyelids are typically caused by looks skin above our eyes. Sometimes, this skin leads to issues with the use of our eyes. 

Whether your needs are purely cosmetic or functional, cosmetic eyelid surgery can tighten the skin of your eyelid and reduce the drooping effect. 


Most of us are familiar with Botox. This is a safe and efficient treatment solution for correcting wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Northern Vision is able to offer these services as well. 

Manistee MI Eye Care Doctor

No matter your eye care needs, we are here for you. It is our pleasure to care for each customer on an individual level. If you’re looking for an eye care center in Manistee, MI, we hope that you will consider Northern Vision Eye Care

Reach out to us today at (231) 932-9000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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