Choosing the Right Glasses

Do you ever feel that choosing frames is an intimidating task? Is it scary picking the glasses you will be wearing for the next year, or until your next eye exam? Of course, this is one more reason to have an optician assisting you in choosing the best frames. When you are happy with your choice, you will be motivated to wear your glasses every day.

Most patients like to play it safe and stay with a frame similar to what they are already wearing. It is not always a bad decision, but why not step out and try to keep current with the changing trends? It is a great feeling to update your look with a new set of frames. A well-fitting and stylish pair of glasses can transform your overall look. Opticians stay up to date on styles by talking with the frame representatives and checking online for the newest frames.

There are a few tricks and tips to follow when beginning the process of searching for your next pair of glasses. It is always good to think outside of the box, but make sure your choice fits the parameters of your prescription.

Your Face Shape

One of the first necessary steps in choosing frames is determining your face shape.

Oblong – When your face is longer than it is wide, larger frames fit nicely. Solid dark colors are a good choice, and a lower bridge will decrease the appearance of nose length.

Square – Having a strong jawline is the main focus of a square-shaped face, so it is best to choose a smaller, more narrow frame.

Upside Down Triangle – Choose a semi-rimless frame to even out the proportions of this shape. Frames that are wide at the bottom and do not taper inward helps even out the shape of the face.

Oval – This face shape is the most versatile, and most sizes and styles fit well. Generally, it is a good idea not to choose a frame that extends past the widest part of your face. Moderately-sized frames are best.

Diamond – This shape includes broad cheekbones, which are the focal point of the face. The cat eye shaped glasses enhance the shape. Flare top, semi-rimless, and fun colors also work well.

Round – If you have a round face shape, rectangular frames are the best. They bring symmetry to your face so choose wide bridges and make sure the frames are wider than deeper.

Other Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Frames

Not only are styles and shapes important, but colors make a difference in the best frame as well. Skin tones lean toward cool (blue) or warm (yellow). It is best to stay within the family of coloring. Eye color plays a part in the right frames also. People with darker eyes tend to like darker colored frames, and people with lighter eyes lean toward light frames. Another consideration is hair color. People with gray or lighter hair usually stay away from darker frames unless they are choosing to make a statement.

Even after looking over all of the tips and ideas, you have to decide what frames make you the most comfortable. Do you prefer plastic or metal frames? Do you like nose pads? The best advice is not to get overwhelmed. Follow the simple guidelines and enjoy the process of choosing the best pair for you.

It is always a good idea to listen to your eye doctor’s educated opinions and suggestions. Wearing eyeglasses has become popular in the past few years, and there are infinite options and styles to have you looking great and seeing your best.
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